How to Administer Bad Medicine

So, my two littlest girls have been dealing with nasty colds over the holidays. Bella actually had pink eye last weekend and Kella has had a fever the past couple days. Today, Deanna took them both to the doctor and they each came home with prescribed meds. Bella took hers fine (a surprise!), but our brand new four-year-old (Kella’s b-day was Christmas Eve) wouldn’t have any of it! We mixed it with a couple different drink varieties and still couldn’t get it down. After a few tries, we decided we’d try it ourselves and we quickly agreed (not in front of her) that this is some “bad medicine” — YUCK!

I called the pharmacist to see if there were any other options. He said “no” but to try mixing it with a few food items in addition to what we’ve already tried. Then, I remembered this following video post from Carlos Whittaker’s blog. Do you think it really works?  I’m willing to give it a try.

UPDATE: It totally worked!  Only four more days of this stuff to go…

0 thoughts on “How to Administer Bad Medicine

  1. Los

    Dude. That is rad

  2. empind

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    1. Shawn_Michael

      Thanks! I'll check into it. 🙂

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