Elevate Student Ministries in 2008

I love my “job”, if you can call it that.  I guess it is, but it’s hard to call it a job when you love what you do so much!

I love our STUDENTS: they are authentic, passionate, real, and raw.  They are not perfect.  They have their shortcomings, just like anyone, but these guys are chasing hard after God and they’ve inspired me in more ways than I can recall.

I love our LEADERS: we’ve got a small team of commited leaders that can out-work, out-love, and flat out-show so many other larger-scale teams that I’ve seen in action.  I’m so proud to be able to watch these guys in action.  They generally want to hang out with, encourage, and equip this generation to another level in their relationship with God.  They are truly an amazing team!

God did so many truly incredible things in the lives of students in 2008.  Let’s take a walk down memory lane together:

* Students’ Prophetic Words going into 2008

* Remember the floods of early 2008?

* Watch the Teen Internet Workshop (for Parents)

*  Valapalooza: featuring the Backstreet Boys-inspired promo, my crazy Valentine’s dance (seriously, it’s crazy!), event pics, and the highlights video

* 10th Anniversary Celebration Testimonies

* Newsboys @ the Civic Center

*  Good Friday video highlights and pics

* Fire Conference Student Dance

* Baccalaureate Service

* Newbies’ Night: Michael Fugitt concert and bowling/welcome-rally highlight videos and pics

* 8th Annual Elevation Talent Show

* Camp videos: promo, day 1, day 2, day 3, day 4, “Pduh”, and testimonies; also see the camp pics

* Car Wash Fundraiser

* Hills Alive Music Festival

* Praying through the Neighborhood

* Senior High IHOP Trip: pics, video, and Steph’s rose

* @ the end of summer, we got together for a backyard party at the Lombard’s residence, held our annual parent info-meeting, and started promoting next summer’s trip to Creel: “I Heart: Mexico”.

* See You @ the Pole

* Red Ribbon Event and Angel Dean Concert

* Snow-Inn 2008

* Youth-led Services

* Elevate Christmas Party

It’s almost hard to believe that we did all of THAT in just ONE year!  And… we’ve still got the New Year’s Eve Teen Blast coming next week!  2008 has been an absolutely incredible year for us; I can’t wait to see what happens in 2009.

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