Student Ministry Vision for 2009

Last night, our students participated in an annual evening that we call “Worship and Wait”.  It is basically an evening of prayer mixed with worship in anticipation of God speaking into the New Year, both in their personal lives and corporately.  Here’s some of what students heard from God in regards to student ministry in 2009….

That Elevate Ministries will continue to elevate every one in it.  I see a picture of God, in a very big, strong tree fort — pulling us up with a rope tied on to a bucket… like he is elevating us. – Nehemiah L.

I want to see so much out of you.  There is an enormous amount of opportunity this year.  Don’t squander it.  Lose control! – Unknown

Influence… be an Epic youth.  Don’t let someone get you down, because you are God’s gift that He will cherish.  You will be a youth for Me, but I will lead you on My time.  Don’t let anything take away from My face. – Amy K.

…more outreaches that would help bring people to Christ.  I remember when we did the Christmas Caroling; this guy, when we came to his door, his face lit up… and it looked like he knew someone cared about him… and that his opinion changed [about] Christmas.  Now he is a member of our church… – Bridget D.

A year of relationships.  Grow closer to me and closer to each other… focus on changing you, so others will see that change and want to change too!  Let Jesus shine in you and through you! – Janessa B.

To always be open to new and different students — to accept them, all of them.  Their past, family, mistakes, faith, talents, etc.  You never know how they will touch your life! – Unknown

Honesty and trust [in and with each other]… – Chris M.

Love everyone — even if they look weird — ask them their name and give them your name.  Even if they look bad on the outside, they might have the best inside.Madison W.

We might be put down by what the world says, but we will get through it with Him. – Cynthia S.

Destiny youth, I have called you all to be instruments.  You are My hands and feet, so let Me work through you, so I can direct your paths.  Surrender everything you are to Me.  Not all instruments sound the same, and I have a different calling on each of your lives. – Sarah L.

We are called to go let our lights shine, to spread the passion and the fire that comes from God.  Sometimes when we try to ignite others, they are not ready and it extinguishes a bit of our faith, like water on fire.  When we make good connections, not only do we give someone new life, but they add to our fire and those around them, like an explosion of lighter fluid.  Don’t be afraid of connecting with the wrong person, because even though you may be partially extinguished, it is worth it, because you may give someone new life, and you can always be reignited by the believers around you.  DON’T BE AFRAID!!! – Sam H.

WOW!  You guys have some of the most spiritual kids that I have ever seen.  You have done a great job of ministering to the children.  You guys have given so much to the community and ministering.  I love what you’re doing. – Sam S.

Growth.  Whether spiritually or in numbers, or both, but definitely spiritually — some head-on followers of Christ.  The church rising up as a group. – Tyler G.

Remember, don’t [be sorrowful] on the past, but be happy for the future! – Nick M.

We all need to walk into His arms as if taking an everyday outside walk. – Unknown

Thank You, God, for always being faithful to speak to our hearts.  We say that we’re with You all the way, in Your purposes and in Your plans for 2009.  Amen.

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