Spring Break Boys Road Trip 2021

Dairian, Zion, and I took off for a Spring Break trip this week. We had planned stops in Pierre — to visit Gma Pearl, Buxton and Grand Forks, ND — to revisit memories and visit good friends there, Duluth, MN, and Superior, WI — to visit our daughters, Autumn and Cynthia, and then, a final stop in the Twin Cities for a fun day at the Mall of America.

Well, the first part of our trip was really great! Lots of fun, friends, family, and great memories were made. We arrived in Duluth on Tuesday and had a good time catching up with Autumn and Cyncha, along with their guys, Alex and Pavel. But then, on Wednesday afternoon, Zion started feeling out of sorts. We took him to the clinic, got x-rays, and they started treating him for pneumonia. He had a fever, bad chest congestion, and aches/pains. So… the rest of our trip was kind of shot 🙁

Poor guy could hardly stay awake for the last half of Wednesday. But when he woke up Thursday, after several doses of his medicine, he was, at least, able to sit up in bed. The last couple of days of our trip were spent in hotel rooms getting better. We got back home Friday evening, by around 8:00 p.m.

I didn’t even snag pics/video with the girls while we were there. 😕 We had another evening planned, but that’s when we went to the clinic with Zion. Regardless, they were so sweet and kind, and picked us up a “get well” bag of goodies and treatments for us.

We didn’t get to do everything we wanted to do, or even see everyone we had planned to see, but we did have a really great time, regardless. Zion continues to get better every day.

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