Shoup Family Christmastime 2020

While this year was a challenge in many ways, this season has still had its many blessings.

In the midst of any hardship, it’s important to “lift our eyes to where our help comes from” (Psalm 121:1). He is constant. He never changes. Yesterday, today, and forever, He is faithful.

Be a light in the world in which you live. Shine brighter than ever before! Love bigger. Forgive more. Selflessly serve others. Be the salt seasoning to a bland and flavorless world (Matthew 5:13). Wow… that verse has come alive to a lot of people this year. Huh?

Spread joy. Use your creative gifts. Make the world a better place. Compose new music. Paint in vivid colors. Imagine something new. Then do it!

Make ’em SMILE!

That might be my favorite thing about our annual tradition of making a Shoup family Christmastime montage… the smiles. I love to see my family laugh smile, and enjoy the gift of life to the full.

Happy New Year, everyone! I’m coming into it with the expectancy of a kid on Christmas morning. He makes all things new! (Revelation 21:5)

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