some kella videos

I thought you might enjoy some of these videos of Kella that I just captured off of my digital camera.  The first short movie is Kella playing with her new Bear floatie-toy on Independence Day at Sheridan Lake… just “cute for cuteness sake”.

The next video I filmed this evening as I was preparing to say good-bye to the whole family as I travel overseas to Israel for a twelve-day trip.  I wanted to get something to remember them all by and I started by filming Kella at bedtime.  This will definitely keep my heart pounding while I am away.

The last video is somewhat of a retaliation.  Grandma Pearl taught Kella a new song while we were away at camp last weekend — it went something like, “Daddy’s got the diarrhea, diarrhea, diarrhea…”  Well, we can’t leave it at that, so…

Shawn Michael

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