Preparing for Israel: Kella says “Good-bye”

I am leaving to go on a twelve-day trip to Israel for the International Foursquare Convention in Jerusalem in just a couple of days. The anticipation is about killing me. I am not quite the world traveler that Deanna is and the thought of being without her (and the girls) overseas kind of drives me a little crazy. While I was preparing tonight and getting Kella ready for bed, I decided that I needed to film a little bit of her so that I would have something to remind me of home while I am away. Here are the clips that I shot; this will definitely keep my heart pounding…

I just posted a few other videos of Kella on our family web site, too: check ’em out. I figure that if I am not in tears the whole Israel trip already (walking in Jesus’ footsteps and seeing all the amazing sites), that this will probably take me over the edge!

0 thoughts on “Preparing for Israel: Kella says “Good-bye”

  1. kvmusic

    Bro… having been to Haiti on 4 occasions, and traveling to Honduras I know the feeling of anticipation.

    You will be severely missed… and completely prayed for while you are away!

    If you are able to get on-line… be sure to send me an email 🙂

  2. elevationgeneration

    I am hoping to get online; they say that most hotels offer Internet service of some kind. Today, I’m looking around for an international power converter. Any ideas for the best place to find something like that?

    Anyhow, if I get online — right after I contact family — I’ll probably be sending you some crazy post! My hope is to be able to blog and upload pics everyday. I guess we’ll see.

  3. kvmusic

    When I was in Haiti and Honduras… I was able to get on-line, so hopefully you will too. As far as a powerthingy… haven’t a clue where to start.

  4. elevationgeneration

    I picked up a converter set at Wal-mart this morning… a little hard to find — in the luggage section.

  5. Matt

    aww! Great video shawn! I super jealous of you! Have fun and
    God Bless

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