Luke Dowler in Concert!

Date: Saturday September 13, 2008
Time: 7:00 pm
Place: Bowman Hall, Herman Park, Belle Fourche (click for map and directions)
Cost: Throw a couple of bucks in the jar if you can!

My student pastor friend, Clay Conry (check his blog at F.o.e.c.u.s. Student Ministries), is hosting Luke Dowler live in concert this weekend in Belle Fourche.  Luke is an artist that loves to share his story and the stories of others through songs. His stories help to untangle what matters with what doesn’t. In that process he is able to share the reaity of God’s love through Jesus. It all culminates in one word: Life.  Jesus came to give life, and life more abundantly. Within Luke’s music, you will always find a direction; a pointing of the listener towards real life. That real life is Jesus.

0 thoughts on “Luke Dowler in Concert!

  1. Clay Conry

    thanka for the love shawn. I am super excited about this weekend Hope to see some eg readers there!

  2. Shi-Anne

    The Concert was GREAT! I had a great time. I got the coffee stain out too…lol.

    Hope to see you back sometime!

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