I Love Sundays @ the Park

Today was an absolutely fun day! We woke up and got ready for church. Zion got a bath (Pic #1) and Kella got dressed up in her purple dress and brought along her stuffed duck, just for fun (Pic #2). We’ve enjoyed visiting The Vineyard Church the past couple of Sundays (Pics #3 & #4); they have a tremendous worship team and we’ve really enjoyed the conversational preaching style of the pastors.

Zion had a fun afternoon with us (Pic #5) as we went down to Playview Park where there happened to be a free kids’ festival nearby!  Our family really showed off it’s quirky personality in a picture in front of the Aerial Lift Bridge while it was up for a ferry (Pic #6).  When Zion got hungry, I sat down with him on the dock’s viewing area and gave him his bottle (Pic #7).  Bella and Kella had fun doing all sorts of fun activities at the festival: soccer, hoola hoop, rolling down the hill, foursquare (the game), and zooba dancing (Pic #8) – all while their big sisters and Scrappy looked on.  Bella actually ended up placing 2nd place for her age range in the punt, pass, and kick contest (Pic #9).

After the festival, we stayed a bit longer to give Bella and Kella a chance to play at one of their favorite parks.  Autumn and Zion hung out on the sidelines (Pic #10).  He was really worn out at the end of the day (Pic #11).  But not worn out enough to wake up for his big sister to put on his bedtime jammies (Pic #12).

We caught some video of Kella preparing for a dance contest at the end of the kids’ festival, too.  She was really pumped about it.  Watch her warming up and then performing for the actual “goofy dance contest”…

She didn’t place, but we all told her that if we were the judges, she would have!

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