Back to School + Kella’s 1st Day

With all the transition and change in our family’s lives over the past month, we were all waiting for school to start up again so that our girls could make some friends and start feeling at home in Duluth.

This week, Autumn and Cynthia started school at Proctor High and Bella and Kella started at Bay View Elementary. The older girls started on Tuesday and all had great experiences from what they tell us. Proctor is a small community just a few miles from where we live in West Duluth.  The school bus comes and picks the girls up about 5 blocks from our house.  We really like the size of the schools and the small-town feel that the city offers.  From what we’ve all experienced so far, we are very happy with our choice!

Kella is five-years-old this year and started her first day of kindergarten on Thursday.  She’s so friendly and brave that we have no doubts that she’ll be blazing lots of new trails and making tons of new friends.  She’s our little princess at home, and will still be with Daddy and Zion on Mondays, Wednesdays, and every other Friday.

The following video highlights some snapshots from the older girls’ first day on Tuesday (1st half) and Kella’s first day of school on Thursday (2nd half).

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