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Social interaction is what Facebook is built around; hence it ‘s a great tool to connect with others, including students and leaders in your youth ministry. It won’t replace eye-to-eye contact, but it is another resource that you can use to keep up with their lives and interact with them via the Internet. And since it seems to be the de facto leader of the pack in web 2.0 sites right now — with over 300 millions users and 45 millions status updates made each day — I wanted to offer a quick tip for youth workers looking for an easy way to check in our your group via Facebook.



#1) The first step, of course, is to create a Facebook account and befriend your students, leaders, and parents (or any combination thereof) that you will want to have in your list.

#2) Next, click on the “Friends” tab located on the top header.

#3) Click on the “Create New List” button on the top left of the newly displayed page.

#4) A new window will open up where you’ll have the opportunity to name your new list, probably the name of your student ministry, in this case.

#5) Now, all you have to do is go through your Facebook friends and click on the ones that you want to include in your student ministry list. When you’ve got them all, click “Create List”. Facebook will automatically take you to the newly created Facebook feed featuring only the updates from those involved in your student ministry.

To access this list in the future, you can just go to your main Facebook feeds page — by clicking on the “Facebook” logo at the top left of the site. Your newly created feed should be in the far left column, next to your other feeds (generally ones such as “news feed”, “status updates”, “photos”, and “links” are also posted there). If you do not see your feed, just click the “more” link underneath those feeds and drag your newly created one up to the top. The next time you click on “Facebook”, it will be there along with your other feeds.

There you have it! A quick and easy way for you to follow the status updates of those in your student ministry.

If you missed the original “Face-time on Facebook” post, you can read it here.


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