Destination Northwood: Day 4

Today was a fun, laid back day. Mom, Dad, and I slept in some, ate breakfast, and then headed off with Bryan for a coastal drive. Karen had to work — and take their dog Onyx to the vet in the afternoon; she hasn’t been feeling well.

The drive included a tour of some of Dad and Bryan’s old stomping grounds. Pretty cool to hear some of their stories and see where they hung out in earlier years. The “tour” also took us by several sites that I vaguely remember from my trip out here 20-years prior for Bryan’s high school graduation. The first stop was the Nubble Lighthouse

We did some geocaching along the way. Dad brought his older GPS as a gift for Bryan and wanted him to get some hand’s-on experience while we were still here. We didn’t find the first cache at the Nubble Lighthouse, but we did find the second one on Hampton Beach. Here’s some video of our journey…

We stopped at the Stockpot in Portsmouth for lunch. Dad had a cup of clam chowder… I guess he had some at the same restaurant a few years back and was craving some more. Good food — excellent coconut cream pie! We watched a boat being unloaded with thousands of pounds of salt out the window while we ate. Pretty unusual — definitely not something you see every day in South Dakota.

We drove home and spent the evening hanging out in the living room, playing with our laptops (we set up a free video chat on Skype for communicating when we got back home), and trying — somewhat unsuccessfully — to install GPS software on Bryan’s computer for geocaching. For dinner, we had bratwurst with apples, cooked fresh carrots, horseradish potatoes, and tofu chocolate cream pie. All was really tasty (I’ve had seconds both evenings); I was a little worried about the potatoes. 😉 I think I could be a vegetarian, eating like this.

I’ve been talking with Deanna every night. Tonight she was particularly talkative; she’s feeling better after getting off of the Percocet. Sounds like all is well back home. The new sofa and loveseat were delivered to the youth room yesterday. Here, Bryan and I stayed up ’till about 1:00 AM watching Steve Martin in The Jerk.

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