Destination Northwood: Day 3

Started out the day with Uncle Clarence driving us to the airport. There was some heavy traffic, but we still got there with plenty of time to check in and get processed. We stopped for a fast food, BK breakfast and then went to our terminal. Our seats were located right next to the engine turbine at the back of the plane. Yuk! Loud and no view. 🙁 Oh well, it was a VERY quick flight. We barely got in the air and landed again — about a 45-minute trip.

Our layover was in Chicago. What a crazy-long walk we had to our connecting flight! CRAZY-LONG! I mean C-R-A-Z-Y! Probably took us about twenty minutes to walk it. LOL! We got our boarding passes for the second half of the trip and spent about an hour sitting at the terminal, checking e-mail and lunching at Chili’s On-the-Go. Our flight was delayed a bit because our plane arrived about 30-minutes behind schedule. Not too bad, considering some of my recent experiences with delays while flying.

The second flight was a couple of hours. I pulled out the iPod and watched Steve Job’s keynote address from last week — I’ll admit it; I’m a TOTAL geek. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I found the new features rolled out on the iPhone and iPods — especially the new “locate me” map feature — extremely cool! I also loved the new Apple TV, iTunes, and Time Machine features. All so cool!

We arrived at the Manchester airport at about 5:00 PM Eastern Time and Bryan met us at baggage claim to take us back to his place for dinner. Which, by the way, food should be a different experience this week as Karen is a vegetarian. She warned us tonight that she cooks some off-the-wall stuff… but I’m not worried, everything tonight was fantastic — some kind of vegi-meat pizza (fabulous), a great salad, and yummy date-and-ice cream dessert. I’m looking forward to trying some new stuff out. Ken, back home, would be so proud of me!

Onyx, their dog, and Betty, their cat, have the run of the place. Betty has already taken a liking to me — probably because I’m a so-called “cat person”. I love their house, by the way. Very artsy, great color, lots of fun art and deco-stuff — great fit for Bryan and Karen’s personalities.

I hear Deanna is doing a little bit better back home. She stopped taking the percocet and stopped experiencing a lot of undesirable side-effects that have been slowing her down the past four or five days. She’s in more pain as a result, but more alert and able to get around a bit better. Again, thanks for all the prayers and support; I can’t thank you enough — especially when I’m gone and she’s still recovering.

I talked to her this evening and hear that the rally service went well. Awesome!

I’ll keep on updating you on our trip as I get the chance. I’d better get to sleep so I can enjoy whatever it is we’re going to be doing tomorrow. Much love from New Hampshire!

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