0 thoughts on “Camp EPIC: Sunday, Day 3

  1. RayRay

    Camp was such a amazing time and I honestly think not only did we as Elevate hear the door knock and open it but took it right off the hinges. I think that the youth group are going to really take this and fly with it. Sam and I were talking about ways the youth group could go out and spread the fire… little things like just offering to mow lawns for people one day or doing a cleaning of one area of the town one day all while ministering to the town we all have gifts to offer to each other and this was something that we ALL really needed to go through to be able to harness those gifts and use them as one. Now we need to go out there and do what we all said we were and I think we are all going to step up to the plate.

  2. Caleb

    i totally agree Ray! I think we really need to keep this flame burning! BTW in my opinion this was the best video yet!

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