Camp EPIC: Monday, Day 4

Okay, wow! That was a fantastic week of camp. I am SO BEAT and ABSOLUTELY TIRED, but simultaneously SO FIRED UP and completely FULL OF GOD! It’s such a good feeling to come out of camp on the other end with so many students feeling like they met God “full on”!

Our guest speaker this year, Barry Bliss of Black Buffalo Global Ministries, did an incredible job of challenging us with the EPIC challenge of the Gospel to go into all the world and love. We came home with flyers for details on a mission trip to Central America next summer, and I couldn’t be more excited! The testimonies we’ve heard from the students have been nothing short of inspiring. I believe that everything we asked God for was accomplished this week. Check out these numbers:

  • 2 salvations,
  • 5 students healed,
  • 7 students baptized in the Holy Spirit,
  • 21 students that received God’s direction for their lives, and
  • 15 students that received a call to ministry!

I’m back home, resting before an evening softball game with one of my girls. Here’s the last “video of the day” from camp week, featuring several student testimonies…

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