Youth-led Sunday Video Preview

You can tell that this week is busy… there haven’t been too many blog posts. (smile) I’ve actually been joking around to some of my closest friends that after this weekend is over, I’ll be looking forward to “settling down” for the busyness of the holidays. October, going into the first couple weeks of November, have been pretty much non-stop activity at our house. Lots of traveling and youth activities filled the calendar. The family’s looking forward to a little bit of downtime after the youth-led service this weekend.

Youth-led Sunday is a service that I, and I know several others, look forward to every year. God does so many amazing things through the students of Destiny. I just love it when they get the chance to shine!

Here’s a treat for the faithful blog readers… I am posting a couple more of the videos that I edited this week specifically for the youth-led service. Here they are, for your preliminary viewing pleasure… First, the 2006-2007 Year in Review…

Second, the “Thank You” video, dedicated to our wonderful Team Elevate Volunteers; we have the best team in the world…

The Transformed Youth Convention video was already posted here, in another blog posted earlier this week.

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