Walking Washington DC


I have had an incredible week in Washington DC with the Foursquare family at Connection 2017. The conference has been stellar from start to (almost) finish. We still have one more morning of sessions this morning. Some of my favorites have been gathering with the national NextGen team (being moved to tears with them many times over with what God is doing in our movement), worshipping with the Elevation Band, reconnecting with many old friends, the afternoon NextGen session, and Mark Batterson’s story and challenge to simply “crank up the notch” in our prayer lives. I’ve been moved, challenged, and equipped.

The video above is mostly from my personal time in DC (and a few opening shots I borrowed from Foursquare’s video). I walked for about 4 hours on Monday before things kicked off, and then again for most of Tuesday afternoon’s break. The last time I was here was when I was 11-years-old. I think I’ll remember much more this time around.

Washington is a beautiful city and this week’s experiences made me proud to be an American all over again.

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