Video-Posts as Outreach?

Okay, so we’re into Day 6-of-14 of the Online Missions Trip. For those of you that are capable of doing so, have you considered publishing a video post featuring… YOU? It’s very common to see students posting solo rants / face-to-screen conversations on YouTube and other video sites. Why not use it to invite people into spiritual conversations? Why not use this medium to connect other people with your life – invite them into a deeper relationship?

I posted the following video after a Wednesday morning gathering I had with some local youth workers. It’s just a quick video post – no edits or flash… just me and the camera inviting others to connect. So easy! I posted it with the idea of sharing it as an example of just one out of many ways that you could use a short video post to reach out to others…

video enclosure: “Online Missions Trip Video-Posts?

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