Transformed Lives

I love the culture of testimony that’s been cultivated since the Fire Conference this year.  It has so encouraged me.  At last week’s all-elders meeting at Destiny, several parents of teens were sharing about how God was working in their student’s lives.  By the time, the circle got around to me, I was so moved that I could barely say a word without tearing up – but I shared anyway, and teared up before I got two words out (big surprise for those who know me).  I shared about how several of our upperclassmen surrounded our newbies and encouraged them during our Newbies’ Night worship time.

Another bonus… just today, I re-connected with a student who graduated from Destiny’s student ministries just a few years ago.  Some of you will probably remember him; His name is Israel.  He’s a skater that used to particularly like coming on Sunday nights to our discipleship group.  If you don’t remember Israel, I’ve actually asked him to share some of what he shared with me (over a meal at Philly Ted’s) at the Talent Show this Sunday night.  There’s been some really inspiring transformation happening in his life the past few years.  Come Sunday night to hear what he has to share.  I just can’t get enough of stories like this… lives — especially those of students — that are literally blindsided by the grace and mercy of a loving, compassionate, and passionate God.  Lives that are so completely changed because they have confronted the very Giver of life.

That’s probably why this video from Hillside Christian Church moves me so much…

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  1. Brian Eberly

    Love to see how God changes lives! What an awesome God we serve.

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