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I met with a guy named Jason Salamun today. He found my blog randomly one day while surfing the Net and thought we had a lot in common. Namely: Jesus, blogging, church, kids, and ministry… Turns out that Jason is planting a church here in Rapid City and likes to connect with others in ministry. We set it up a couple of weeks ago to meet for lunch at the Firehouse Brewery today. Cool thing happened in the meantime… check out the story here. Go ahead… I’ll wait…

You back? Cool, huh? God is so cool. It’s very interesting that God speaks the same message to two churches in the same neighborhood on the same weekend through two guys who have never met each other before, but were planning to connect in just a couple of days. You can hear Jason’s message online here.

Okay, well, we met at the Firehouse today for lunch and talked about our passions and heart for reaching out to people in Rapid City. I had a great time! I hope to stay connected with Jason as his vision for a “church for people who don’t dig church” becomes a reality later this fall. He has a lot of great ideas, which I won’t talk about here, because everything’s still on the drawing board. Check out the church’s future home on the web at Very cool stuff!

Let’s pray for Jason and his team as they meet on Sunday nights and dream. Visit Jason’s blog, too, called Thinking in Progress, as he thinks out loud about God, life, and this process of church planting in Rapid City.

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  1. jason

    Thanks for the love, man.

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