The Journey Continues

I’ve got some big news to share… the Shoup family is moving… again.


I wanted to let you know that as of mid-November, I have accepted a ministry position down in northern Denver as a worship pastor at NorthRock Church in Thornton, CO. This role starts in January and will also allow me to continue serving as the District NextGen Rep for the Foursquare Gateway District.

If you are wondering about Deanna, she is switching gears and is now planning to eventually pursue a career as a nurse practitioner, but that is still somewhat up in the air. She felt like she was missing out on too much family time and that this will be a better road to take in the long run. In her own words: “I recently withdrew from school. It was a difficult decision, but one I had to make for my family and I. I would leave at 7am and return home at 11pm. I felt like I was losing my kids…”

Zion and I will be moving into a one-bedroom apartment in Thornton after Christmas break to start my new role at NorthRock — a church planted by our District Supervisor, Sam Rockwell, and currently pastored by our good friends, Jeremy and Amy Pummel. This is also the church where Autumn is currently interning at the ELN Echo School of Ministry.

I will continue working from home most days of the week which is a huge bonus for me. I love being a stay-at-home father.

The goal for the family is for our girls to finish out their school year in ND and join us in Denver early this summer. Zion and I will be flying back and forth every month until that happens. Of course, another bonus to this move is that NorthRock is located literally about 5 miles away from my offices at the Gateway District.

Cynthia is currently planning on applying to graphics design colleges and leaning towards moving to Minnesota after she graduates this Spring — no surprise there as that is where her boyfriend (who loves and serves God) is currently located. We’re confident that she’ll do well.

We told all of the girls the news, and for the most part, they are really excited. North Dakota has been amazing for all of us and we’ve made lots of great new friends at New Life Foursquare, in the Buxton community, at the girls’ school and at UND. I have one more Sunday to share as the youth pastor at New Life NextGen, something that I have really cherished being able to do during our time up here. We have some really great students that have a deep love for God and it’s never easy saying “good-bye”.

Thanks for all the prayers and support from you, our family and friends, along every step of the JOURNEY. We’re really excited to see where God takes us on the next leg of this thing. We know His plans for us are good!

All our love,
Shawn and the Family

5 thoughts on “The Journey Continues

  1. Ken Verheecke
    Ken Verheecke says:

    So happy and excited for you all 🙂

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  3. Tim Mossholder

    Shawn…I’m rejoicing with you and your family for this new season! So good.

    1. Shawn Michael Shoup

      Me too! Very exciting! 😀

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