The Greatest Gift

From one of my favorite blogs, Ragamuffin Soul: Carlos Whittaker, father, worship leader, and video editor tells the tale…

Sometimes you just need to point and shoot…
If for no other reason than to capture those moments that fly by so fast you didn’t even know they happened.
I do this all the time.
2 Sundays ago, during a day with no purpose but just being together…
I just hit record.
You can capture moments, smiles, hopes, and dreams that will last you forever.
Most of this footage was in the “trash bin” of iPhoto.

While I was editing this to music Sohaila said that her heart was telling her words.
My little emo girl.
I asked her what her heart was telling her…
She scribbled this…

The greatest gift
Cannot be unwrapped
It cannot be bought
It cannot be sold
It can be felt
It can be seen
It can be heard

Because the greatest gift
Is each other

After I picked up my jaw off the ground…
I had her and her sister Seanna read it over the movie.
I cut and pasted each of them saying different lines…
The result brought me to tears.
Probably because it’s my family…
Or probably because it’s true.

Cause it’s in that footage that I almost throw away…
That my 8 year old found this treasure.

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