The Destiny Heart Project Video Highlights

Again I found myself so in awe of the talent and passion coming from the students and adults who participated in this evening of highlighting the love of Jesus (and shining the spotlight on Him) to help make it possible for others to go and do more of the same. The Destiny Heart Project was an evening that was “dreamed up” by one of our own students — Sam Roth — and helped us raise over $1,300 to facilitate 13 of our students going to Creel, Mexico this summer. What an excellent evening!

video enclosure: “The Destiny Heart Project

0 thoughts on “The Destiny Heart Project Video Highlights

  1. bethany

    goodness, i am so bummed i missed this! my mom and a handful of others were raving about sam’s mad guitar skills….

    *sigh*…..they grow up so fast…

  2. Shawn M. S.

    I’ll add to the buzz! Sam blew me away with his “mad skillz”! WOW!

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