The Dark Knight and Hills Alive

Had a great day…

  • slept in a little
  • went out to Summerset for lunch with Mom, Dad, my bro-Todd, D, and the two little ones
  • Autumn and Cynthia were at Hills Alive all day with friends — just like me when I was their age (I’m so proud)
  • Myself, D, Amy, and Todd went to the 2:30 PM showing of “The Dark Knight” — 2 thumbs way up! Absolutely loved it! Would have to say that it might very well be the best superhero movie ever. On a side note, the Knollwood theater was heck-a hot! It was so warm that Deanna felt ill after the movie — almost like the A/C wasn’t working.
  • Hills Alive this evening was a blast! I got to watch Superchik from side-stage with my backstage pass, hung out with Sean Dunn, Angel Dean (see pic), and a few guys from TobyMac’s band while they were warming up, and got to play on the main stage for a few minutes while Sean Dunn was sharing the Gospel. Coolness!
  • TobyMac’s show was fab, as always. I’ve been a big fan since his early DC Talk days. Lots of worshipful moments tonight. Thank you, KSLT, KLMP, and The Point, for hosting such a fantastic event. I think I’m probably in ministry and still serving God because my parents took me to similar events like this when I was growing up. I’m SO THANKFUL that now my kids get to reap the same benefits.

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