The Bone Collector Adventure

As part of my sabbatical, one of my good friends offered the use of his camper trailer. He parked it out in the Hills, and I thoroughly enjoyed one of my favorite weeks of sabbath rest. I spent lots of quiet mornings leaning into God and many lazy evenings just resting, reading, and enjoying some extended solitude. During the afternoons, I spent almost every day exploring some new hiking adventures in the Hills. I have been falling in love with the wonder of the Black Hills all over again.

The Bone Collector Trail was one of the hikes that was not far from where I was camping. I was intrigued, so Sugar and I tried it out. It was fun. So fun, I did it again a few days later with the kids! There were bones left all along the trail, making is spooky-fun. And then, when you get near the top of the climb… well, just watch the video. There is a surprise.

Towards the end of the video, you’ll also see a lap that Sugar and I took around one of my favorite places on earth: Sylvan Lake. I absolutely love where I live!

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