Student-led Services

It’s the youth-led services weekend at my church here in Rapid City, SD. Our theme this year is “Don’t Let the Devil Get You Down”.


The great thing about doing student ministry at Destiny is that students are already plugged in and stepping out in ministry positions every week. Our pastors champion the idea of inter-generational worship. This is just a chance for our congregation-at-large to celebrate and encourage the gifts that are already present and at work in our local body.

For us, this year’s services looks like this…

  • Sing a Few Songswith our music/worship time being led by students on instruments and vocals
  • Scripture – students are great at reciting scripture from memory… we like to mix it into our singing time
  • Comedic Musicalwe’re taking our cue from Improv Everywhere and we’re gonna spoof their recent viral hit, “Grocery Store Musical”, by changing a few words around and singing “Let’s squish our kids together!”
  • Sketch / Drama – we’ve got some really talented drama students and we love to use scripts from The Skit Guys to let them do their thing; we’ll be using this one this weekend.
  • Human Video – we’re actually gonna “spray paint” one of our students on stage (white T-shirt, sprayed black) to the tune of Tonex’s song, “Bl3nd”. (NOTE: we’re gonna use black hair spray for safety — and smell — reasons)
  • Video Highlights – students love to see themselves on video and the congregation loves to see students passionately pursuing God; our group just got back from an awesome youth convention with a perfect highlights video in tow — BONUS!
  • Story – students have stories that they can’t wait to share about how God has changed or influenced them from this past weekend; this is the perfect opportunity for them to share and encourage others in the same moment!

This is something that has become an annual highlight for many at Destiny. The students love it because they get to have a platform to share their gifts to a larger audience. The congregation loves it because the student’s enthusiasm is contagious. I love it because I get to watch students touching people’s live in profound ways.

What about you? Are you doing student-led services where you’re at? Tell us about it!

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