Spanish Language and Culture Classes

As most of you already know, there is a group of 23 of us that are going to Creel, Mexico next summer to do some outreach / ministry with Black Buffalo Global Ministries.  In preparation, our student ministy has already raised just over $2,800 to help 13 of our students make this trip a reality.  We’ve also donated a good amount of money to help the BBGM childrens’ orphanage recoup after an electrical fire took out a wing of one of their buildings.  As we continue to prepare, there are a few classes that we want to invite you to be a part of in the coming months.

Beverly Parker-Greet, will be teaching Spanish culture and language classes on the 3rd and 4th Wednesdays of each month starting on Wednesday, January 21st.  The 3rd Wednesdays will be culture classes and the 4th Wednesdays will focus on learning the language.  You are welcome to attend either or, if that’s what you’d prefer.

For those attending, please plan on being there this month through July.  The classes will be accumulative in nature, so don’t try to jump a few months down the road or you will be lost.  Plan on bringing a folder, notebook, and writing utensil with you to the class; homework will be assigned.  The class is being offered to our trip participants, but is open to anyone!

0 thoughts on “Spanish Language and Culture Classes

  1. Andy Gill

    What an awesome thing to offer… in future years I may try this with our group. Do you guys have a former missionary come in and lead?

  2. Shawn M.

    She’s a high school language teacher and has been to Mexico in the past. She’s also been studying up on the specific area we are going to — it’s great to be able to offer this class. We are not requiring but it looks like most of our team will be attending.

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