Social Networking and Web 2.0 Workshop

Just finished the Teen Internet Workshop (for Parents). Here’s my initial thoughts about the evening (that I just sent to Kenwho was helping in the youth room tonight — via e-mail):

I think it went as good as it could have… we filled every chair I put out (I counted 38-40 individuals) and everyone seemed really “into” the content. The feedback was tremendous and I felt like I communicated what I wanted to when it was all said and done. I even finished within 5 minutes of my time slot (whew)! So, all that to say, I am very happy with the outcome.

My only regrets… I wish we could have had a larger screen, as I’m sure it was hard to follow along on the TV monitor while I was surfing sites. I also wish I could have had just 5-10 more minutes to spend showing attendees the features that attract users the most on social networking sites like Facebook. Lastly, I had intended on showcasing the youth ministry web site and our weekly e-newsletter, Elevate Electric, at the end, but I didn’t want to keep people any longer.

Thanks to all who came out. I hope it was worth your time. And to those who couldn’t make it, we tried to capture it on video. I’ll take a look at the footage and see if the audio is good enough to post online (I was not miked). I’ll let you know if we post it — stay tuned…

0 thoughts on “Social Networking and Web 2.0 Workshop

  1. kvmusic

    I hope the video came out ok 🙂

    Anyway, congrats on a job well done! I can say that because I know you always do top notch stuff.

    I’m confident that it was helpful to all who attended…

  2. Shawn M.

    This from the guy who snuck his way into the presentation by texting my Facebook wall from the youth room in the middle of the rally service 😉

    Thanks for the kind words, Ken!

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