Shoup Family Surprise (and Site Relaunch)

To publicly debut the relaunch of the Elevating a Generation blog — re-designed from it’s original created intent (formerly the student ministry blog, which has now been moved to… we are making a very important and special family announcement.  Just watch…

How’s THAT for a big comeback?! 😀

Anyhoo… I’m still working on the look and feel here, but I intend to eventually move all my family posts, personal music ministry updates, and ministry/resource articles (also published at sites like,,, and here (for those who want to read them but don’t necessarily want to subscribe to other RSS feeds).  This will basically become my personal blog site while will continue to be the student ministry site that it is.

2 thoughts on “Shoup Family Surprise (and Site Relaunch)

  1. Dennis

    Congratulations! Great news.

    1. Shawn Michael
      Shawn Michael says:

      Thanx so much, Dennis. I can’t stop smiling! 😀

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