Seriously Ridiculous NYWC: Part 2 (with Video)

Here’s part two of our 2008 National Youth Workers Convention experience… first, a few video highlights…


Of course, for those of you that were there, you know that this video only highlights a handful of the speakers and artists that were at the convention.  Part of the greatness of the NYWC’s is that there is SO MUCH offered to you in a five-day period, it’s impossible to get it all captured on tape!

Okay, again, I’m going to bullet my thoughts…

* I know this is lame, and it’s totally not the REASON we go to convention, but the FOOD in downtown Nashville was EXCELLENT!  I’m craving some good southern-style BBQ right now.

* The Sommet Center in Nashville created a really intimate setting for the general sessions… yes, even with over 5,000 of us.  It was bowl-shaped and it felt like everyone was in really close to the action.

* Live-blogging the event was so much fun for me!  YS really treated us like rock stars this week.  I’ve always felt that way at convention, but even more so this week.  Thanks YS!

* So many of the messages shared this weekend and the seminar material is worth chewing over again.  I’m going to go get some mp3’s and maybe a DVD or two at their media site:

* The Skit Guys are always great, but they were OVER-THE-TOP hilarious this year.  One of our live-bloggers spit soda all over his Macbook, he was laughing so hard!

* On Sunday afternoon, I met with about 15 other tweets/bloggers at the Old Spaghetti Factory.  Met lots of people who I plan on following from now on.  Our kind has got to stick together (grin).

* I finally got to check out a Dan Kinball seminar for the first time.  The guy has CRAZY HAIR (love it)!  The siminar I went to was called “Creating Sacred Worship Spaces” (or something like that).  I got some great ideas!

* Daniel Strickland, a relatively unknown speaker for general session #6, blew us all out of the water!  Jars of Clay played the best set that I’ve seen them perform in years (I personally like old-school Jars).  I really enjoyed all the synth-pop elements they added this year.  Good stuff.

* Wishing I would have captured some video snippets of Starfield leading worship from this weekend.  Love those guys!

* Bummed that we weren’t able to attend the last general session on Monday.  Rapid City, SD has only so many flights that come in and we had to leave early to bypass another night at the hotel.

Here’s a few more extended video clips… first, the infamous Mark Yaconelli talk (the last bit) and his all-out disco-dance finale…

Here’s some worship-moments with the David Crowder Band…


… and lastly, worship with Lincoln Brewster…

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