Say What You Need to Say

I saw this post over at Corey Mann’s blog. It’s a good reminder of a great song with a great message tied in with a great movie (Bucketlist). Here are some of the lyrics…

“Even if your hands are shaking,
and your faith is broken,
even as the eyes are closin’,
do it with a heart wide open,
a wide heart….
say what you need to say.”
John Mayer

I’m a person who is affected by words. One or two people in particular encourage and lift me up verbally almost every time I see them and are probably almost singularly responsible for me continuing in ministry to this day. Words are so powerful. Maybe there are some that you need to share today…

  • words of apology
  • words of appreciation
  • words of encouragement
  • words of life

You may never know the impact of your words, but they are powerful.

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