Rock Stars

I got to hang out with a lot of incredible people today. First, I saw that Tim and Dana Schmoyer were vacationing in the Blacks Hills, so I contacted them via Twitter to see if we could connect. Tim’s a youth ministry blogger that I admire very much. He’s such a resource to the youth ministry world. They were on their way out of town, but I caught up with them at the Rapid City Auto Zone before they were able to leave. Great start to the day!

Next up, I went over to Dunn Bros. to connect one of my favorite Rapid City bro’s, Jason Salamun. Such a cool guy. Love his passion for Jesus. He’s always inspiring to hang around.

The rest of the day, I headed over to Hills Alive where I helped facilitate a youth worker’s tent. It’s their first year giving this a try and I was super excited to be involved. We had refreshments, youth worker give-aways, workshops, and several artist meet and greets. First up was Hawk Nelson. We used several songs off their latest CD, “Crazy Love”, up at camp this past week, so it was cool to be able to tell them about that.

Next at the tent, The Afters. It was fun for me to talk with them a little bit about Dallas and my alma mater, Christ for the Nations. They grew up in areas I was familiar with and their parents attended CFNI.

The last artist to come and visit us in the tent was Jon Micah, the lead singer of rock band, Kutless.

The Afters, playing main stage…

Our Destiny Foursquare Pastor, Brent Parker, playing keys on the main stage…

Kutless from backstage…

Such a fun day. Looking forward to playing on the worship team tomorrow morning at Destiny!

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