Ray-Ray’s Story

I received permission from Ray H. to share this recent blog post on his MySpace:

It was suppose to end… but it really only truly started…
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K so why of all things for a blog why Im bout to tell everyone this I have no clue… I have dont many of you pieces of this story from last summer but only two people kno the full story and even those people dont kno it in this detail… The date was July 7th, 2007… triple 7’s… I dont kno wat lead to it but I took one of my friends dad 9mm… who it was Im not going to say… I had had enough my life was at rock bottom nothing was going rite and I got to the point where the achohal(sp?) couldnt numb the pain anymore… that nite it was jus like any other nite me and my gram was fightin it was bout 10:30 when i finally jus got sick of gettin yelled at so i went to my room and this is going to sound really weird thinkin bout wat I was about to do but… I prayed… which was extremely weird cuz at the time I always said I didnt need God… then I loaded the gun… and stuck it to my head… and I did it I pulled the trigger… wat happened next I will never forget I heard the gun pop… and I felt this warmth not like a heat warmth but a warmth from inside almost Im not sure how to explain it exactly I think I passed out but honestly I dont kno part of me wants to think it was jus a dream but at the same time I dont kno… all I remember is… and this is going to sound really hard to believe but I remember a man wit blonde hair and and muscular build walkin into my room and hugging me and the warmth jus got warmer… almost overwelming… he took the gun out of hand and stuck it in his robe but i remember the shell fallin out and rolling under my dressor… and then he jus hugged me again tellin me everythin is going to be ok nothin will mess up wat is in store for you… I remember him walking me over to my bed and sittin there next to me wit his arm around me jus sayin everythin will be ok almost comfurting me like a father would his child that has just skined a knee or elbow.. then i remember him tellin me that I need to get some rest as he gently laid me back on my pillow and this is wat he said I remember it word for word… “Get some rest because you will have to lead them into battle, you will lead the fight, you will show them their strengths and show them how to use each other to defeat the enemy, you will be leading them into battle so get some rest”… the next thing I remember was waking up two days later I sat up and jus started to cry… then when I was able to gather myself I remembered the shell… and when I got down and looked under my dressor the shell was there and when I picked it up it was warm not hot but warm to the touch… I have taken the shell to a few gun shops since that and they all say the same things there is no “physical reason” that it shouldnt have gone off… I still have this shell as a reminder that no matter wat are past are we ALL have a future that everyone of us can live up to all you have to do is accept him… 7-7-07 triple sevens I guess for me they are lucky cuz this was the day that I accepted Jesus Christ as my savior now that my testimony is out in the open for everyone and now that you all kno the details… yea honestly IDK why I felt like I needed to put this up but I kno it will be used for something and thats all that matters  7-7-07 it was suppose to end… but it really only started…

Ray, I’m so excited for you.  I can’t wait to see how your life, placed in God’s hands, plays out.  I know that His plans for you are bigger and better than you could ever imagine.  Can’t wait!

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  1. cindyinsd

    So cool, Shawn. I’m sitting here with tears running down. God (YHWH) is truly great!


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