I think it’s pretty stinkin’ cool that Kris Allen won the American Idol competition this year. As flashy and entertaining as Adam was, I just wasn’t a fan of his vocal stylings. Can you say, “eighties hair band”?  😉

I also think it’s pretty stinkin’ cool that Kris is a believer — that he has led worship at his home church and has a heart for missions and outreach. The third place guy, Danny Gokey, also happened to be a worship leader. How cool is that?

In addition, I think it’s pretty stinkin’ cool that Kris didn’t make a big deal about his personal faith by waving a “Christian flag” over his head during the season. He just lived his life and let the pieces fall where they may; I believe that spoke more loudly than words ever could have.  And now, Kris has a platform that could potentially reach thousands.

Let’s keep Kris and his wife lifted up. I’m sure he could use our prayers now more than ever…

Video Enclosure: “Pray for Kris Allen

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