Praying for Deanna / New Hampshire

Thank you so much for all your prayers and support for Deanna after her tonsillectomy on Monday. She has had a very rough week (especially the last half) and is still feeling very sore and lethargic most of the time; please continue to lift her up. Together, let’s believe for a full and speedy recovery. We’ve had several people give us cards, meals, and offer to help in other ways. We are so VERY thankful.

I (Shawn) am leaving for a 10-day vacation tomorrow morning. Ugh! It’s very hard for me to leave with Deanna feeling how she is, but she assures me that it’s okay. The only reason I am able to go is because good friends such as Amy, Linda, the Goodgions, and others from our Destiny family that are working together to ensure that everything will be taken care of on the home front. Amy is going to be with Deanna for the majority of the days I am gone (she gets off work at 9:30 AM most mornings). Thank God for all of you! (sniff)

I will be traveling with my mother and father to Minneapolis by car tomorrow morning. We’ll stay overnight there and spend some time with some family on Mom’s side. On Wednesday, we fly to New Hampshire to visit with my brother Bryan and his wife Karen in Northwood. Bryan comes out to the Midwest to visit us about every-other-year, but it’s been about 20 years since I’ve been out his way. I was eleven-years-old the last time I was out there. I’ve never been to his current home, but it’s looks like it’s going to be beautiful — a small house on the side of a lake, nested in a dense, tree-covered area amidst the mountains.

Deanna and our volunteers will be hosting our weekly rally services and discipleship classes while I’m gone. Ken Verheecke will be there to lead in worship, also. I’ll be keeping in touch through a scaled-down version of Elevate Electric and the blog while I’m gone. Much love!

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