Our Next Door Blessing


I came down early to Bayfield, CO, to shadow at my new job and find a house for my family. I drove down this past Saturday night.

I’ve shadowed Pastor Justin and Mikquel a couple times the past few days, and look forward to the rest of my time with them this week and the next. It’s gonna be good!

I’ve looked at countless homes online. Made several phone calls. And stepped foot into three of those houses on Sunday with more planned in the week ahead.

God gave us favor.

My favorite house was one literally next door to the church. It had the most square feet out of any we’d looked at, has a double-car garage, central air, main-level washer and dryer — and just looked and felt like where we were supposed to be from the moment I walked in.

A new property manager friend from our church said of the landlord: “They have been very careful picking a tenant. It’s been available for three months, which is a long time for around here! Many are snatched up in a matter of days.”

The landlord’s mother was the one who showed me the house. I told her that the location was perfect for us and that I’d just been hired onto the pastoral staff at Pine Valley Church next door. She said, “You are the kind of renters we’ve been waiting for — a family with children and people who love Jesus. I’m going to tell my son that. If you are interested, I won’t show the house to anyone else!”

I had mentioned that we had been between jobs for a bit and that we were also hoping for a later move-in date to make it more financially feasible, and she said she thought they could do that, too!


I got a call the next day, from her son, the owner/landlord: “My mom says you are the kind of tenant we want. We want to wave the pet fee for you and offer for you to make payments on the deposit so it won’t be as burdensome for you. Are you still interested?”

*Jaw drops

“Yes! Very much so!”

“And the later move-in date is fine, too.”

*Jaw still dangling



We’ve got a house! Possession date is October 15. They are writing up the lease tomorrow.

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