Yesterday, I had a fun day playing with a bunch of great guys opening up for Casting Crowns at a benefit concert hosted by Wings As Eagles Ministries.  My pastor, Brent Parker, was on keys and leading, Ken Verheecke on electric guitar, new found friend, Mike Morgan, on bass (he’s really good), and I was on drums.  So fun!  I wanted to share some pics from the day…

First of all, the stage blew me away!  I totally wasn’t expecting a “big festival stage” like this – whoa!

Mike and Brent just after arriving on site… waiting to get our gear unloaded.  “We’re here!”

“Ken’s Frurtrated!” — that’s the tag line I put on this pic when I initially posted to TwitPic via my cell phone.

My perspective from the drum throne…

Cynthia’s in awe with the whole experience (grin)…

After our set, we figured out that both sets of keys that were brought for the van were locked inside.  Oops!  No fear – Lloyd Bruce to the rescue!  He got inside in no time.

I took a few TwitPics during the day, but the service was really sketchy… this one I called “the Pic pic” (sigh).

We came up with a new stage name for Verk… wait for it… wait for it… (anticipation building)… it’s “X-emo!”

This pic was taken during a surprise encore song after Casting Crown’s lead singer, Mark Hall, was given a Native American quilt in honor of their performance.  If you look close enough, you can see the quilt draped on Mark’s back.  Hearing the stories the band shared about ministering in Pine Ridge earlier in the day, listening to Mark share his heart between songs, and hearing the band pray for the region and the Dream Center was inspiring.

I took more pics, too.  You can see them all here.

Read Mark Hall’s post about his day in Pine Ridge.