MySpace vs. Facebook

Watch CNET’s video and decide for yourself… who’s the winner?

In my humble opinion, Facebook wins by a landslide. I try not to go to MySpace for several reasons:

  • It’s clogged and littered with advertisements galore; ugly and slow… (some of the ads are also raunchy)
  • Many of the features don’t show up / work right because of it’s “everything HTML goes” philosophy
  • Clutter describes MySpace well
  • They are trying really hard right now to catch up with Facebook — a.k.a. stealing their ideas — but not doing a good job of implementing them
  • It’s incredibly sluggish and slow
  • I don’t think it fosters community half as well as Facebook (their “group” communities are a joke)
  • Their privacy features do not even come close to comparing to Facebook’s

The one area I will admit where Facebook could use improvement is allowing users to customize the design of their profiles a bit more. I mean, I would much rather prefer the clean look of Facebook to what MySpace offers, but maybe at least let us change colors or something!

Here’s what I like about Facebook:

  • They make it easy to connect with people that I know and re-connect with people I know from my past (the whole purpose of social networking, right?) I love the new “people you might know” feature. I have connected with so many great people on Facebook!
  • The apps are endless! I can sync with Twitter, share my favorite books, rate movies and mark the one’s I want to watch, post 15-minute videos with ease, share and tag pics…
  • I love that tagging pics thing, btw… Facebook had that feature first, long before MySpace!
  • Their homepage feature is so much better organized than the MySpace friend updates. And I can give a thumbs up or down to what I like or don’t like and personalize it to my whims.
  • It holds users more accountable to each other. If I post something or write on someone’s wall (on the default privacy settings), most of my friends will see it. If they post something… vice versa. It’s fun to watch all the conversations going on (at least, for me). Others who don’t want this can turn this feature off.
  • The groups and events features are actually worthwhile. I can promote events with their own pages within groups of interest. Very cool!

Okay, I didn’t realize I would so easily go off on this. LOL! What’s your take?

0 thoughts on “MySpace vs. Facebook

  1. Janessa

    I like myspace better, not one for change! 🙂 Don’t have the time or patience to learn facebook!

  2. VonMeeganshmoot
    VonMeeganshmoot says:

    I think Facebook is better. It’s easier to use, and it doesn’t have all the insane middleschoolers bothering you all the time

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