Mother’s Day 2011

This was our Mother’s Day weekend…

As a family, we took Deanna out to dinner at Perkins on Saturday night. Then to church on Sunday morning… D had to get them all dressed and ready herself because I was at Hillside early for the worship team. Then, we got home and D cooked us all an amazing brunch. She says she did it because she was honoring those who made her a mom. đŸ™‚

After our meal, we presented Deanna with a few gifts and a card to say how much we love her. She called her Mom in Pierre and then went upstairs to put Zion to sleep. While she was doing that, the girls and I worked hard at doing some pretty major spring cleaning. Bella and Kella spent two hours cleaning out the minivan, and Autumn, Cynthia, and I cleaned the whole main floor, finishing with shampooing the carpets.

That evening, we got on iChat with my mom in South Dakota. They had brought over two of Bella and Kella’s best friends for the chat. Too fun!

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