Memorial Service Announcement

This announcement just went out via our church’s Knee-Mail newsletter…


Dear Destiny Family,

I am writing on behalf of Shawn and Deanna Shoup. They have recently had some personal family struggles and would like to share some of that with you all. They found out they were pregnant in October and lost the pregnancy a short time later. They were again pregnant in January and again miscarried the baby. This was their third miscarriage, as their first pregnancy, in 2001, also resulted in a loss.

This is extremely heartbreaking for the family, and they feel that having a service for the babies would help them in healing. They would like to invite you to join them on Monday, February 16, at 11:00 AM, at Destiny Foursquare Church. They are planning a lunch immediately following.

Whether or not you can make this service, Shawn and Deanna ask that you pray for them and their girls. There has been no medical explanation for what has happened, and Deanna, in particular, is having difficulty accepting and understanding all this.

Also, because this is an upsetting subject, I respectfully ask that everyone refrain from bringing it up at the Valentine’s Banquet. That will be a full day for both of them, and they would like the focus to be on the teenagers and the event.

Please let me know if you plan to attend so we can arrange food.

Amy Telford . . 484-7508 (cell)


There’s no way around it. This has been very hard to walk through. We thank you so much for your prayers, love, and support.

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