Man in the Mirror

Tonight we decided that we are going take a one-week break from our current message series to talk about the media frenzy surrounding the life and death of Michael Jackson.  We know that not everyone is a fan and that the man was not perfect — no one is — but there are so many teachable moments that we can glean from his life and stardom:

  • We can address how media and society are crazy for gossip/juice about celebrities.
  • We can talk about the effects of a childhood lost and how that shaped Michael Jackson as an adult with parents who wanted their kids to grow up too fast.
  • We can talk about the hurt inside of people that cause them to make such radical transformations to their appearance.

But here’s where we’re gonna go with our discussion tonight.  We’re gonna share some Michael Jackson lyrics that were life changing for many of us in the two previous generations: “I’m starting with the man in the mirror. I’m asking him to change his ways…”

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