LOST, All the Way to the End

SPOILER WARNING! (don’t read, if you don’t want to know how LOST ends)

Deanna and I stayed up a little late so that we could finish off one of our favorite TV shows of the past few years, LOST.  I can say that, personally, LOST is probably my favorite televisions series ever.  I got in late to the game… seeing my first episode at the beginning of Season 4; I was traveling and downloaded the season’s opener to my iPod to watch on the flight.  I ended up liking it so much that I backtracked and watched it from the beginning on ABC.com.  Shortly after, I pulled in Deanna to start watching it with me, too.

I think it was the show’s EPIC beauty-in-the-mystery that drew me in.  From the time the plane crashed and Locke started wiggling his toes, to the polar bears, from the Others, and all the way to the story of Jacob and his brother, the Smoke Monster, I was intrigued by the complexity of it all.

I must have really cared for the characters because I found myself all broken up throughout last night’s two-and-a-half hour closer.  I, for one, was really happy with the way the whole thing was finished out.  I think the writers were brilliant to bring back all the characters and relive so many awesome memories through the flashbacks.  What a way to draw people in emotionally before the white-out at the end.  To quote my Twitter-friend, @LarsRood, “I’m glad Lost ended the way it did. I didn’t need all my questions answered. The genius of that show is [that] it made me wonder.”

I enjoyed watching the last few minutes of “The End” on Hulu this morning…

It was hard not to notice the open arms of the Jesus statue last night.  It was as if He was inviting our LOST friends to come and find their freedom and lay their final burdens down at the Cross.  I know the series wasn’t a perfect gospel message, but I captured by the themes of selflessness, love, and life lived with a “higher purpose” that were woven throughout.

Some of my favorite quotes from the finale…

“Christian Shepherd? Seriously?” – Kate, after hearing’s Jack’s dad’s name

“That’s kinda true, Dude. He’s worse than Yoda.” – Hurley, referring to Jacob

“It’s a surprise.” – when Jack tells Locke of his plan to kill him

“I hope somebody does for you what you just did for me.” – Locke, to Doctor Jack, after his spinal surgery

“I don’t believe in a lot of things, but I do believe in duct tape.” – Miles, as he tries to fix a broken part of the plane before take-off

“Hurley, I believe in you.” – Jack

My favorite tweet of the night came from worship leader/musician, Casey Darnell (@caseydarnell)…

Moral of the story: Stay in church. #LOST

My favorite fake spoiler came from the Simpsons, which aired on ABC right before the finale…

Thank you, LOST, for an adventurous, passion-filled, roller coaster of a journey.  You had me all the way to the end.

2 thoughts on “LOST, All the Way to the End

  1. @Worshipcity

    Ah we are kindred spirits my friend! I couldn't agree more. The character questions were answered and you forgot to mention an incredible theme: redemption! Haha. So not all the details were answered? So what! Part of what I love is that it's still a mystery and we'll never know 🙂
    I agree, spiritually, the show was never 100% correct on it's theology but some incredible themes were presented. I too kept seeing the Jesus statue and then felt let down with the stained glass that represented like all the world religions. THAT was the only time it felt trite and like they attempted to cater to everyone instead of just sticking to a tough decision.
    I loved it though man! Looking to watch it again and then start w/ Series 1 next Tuesday night in it's absence!!

    1. Shawn_Michael

      Thanx for stopping by! Thinking back, I might have checked into LOST because of all your old posts on it back in the day. Funny!

      I would definitely watch the whole thing over again, too. So good!

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