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Last night at Catalyst Discipleship, we challenged students to take Pastor Brent’s encouragement to fast and prepare for the Fire Conference seriously. We spent some time in silence, and several shared what God was leading them to do, wrote it down, and found an accountability partner to keep them on track. So cool!

I, too, want to set aside some extra time in preparation. Part of that is a blogging break that I’m starting today. So… I’m signing off until the Fire Conference. I’m expecting God to shake me to the core! Can’t wait!

I loved what Pastor Brent shared during his spontaneous Sunday morning message to us; lots of good stuff to help us prepare spiritually this week:


– don’t think that we’ve got it all figured out
– expect “Wow! moments”
– we can’t make it on dry, old, dead religion
– got to hear something “fresh”
– we must be reading / listening with an ear tuned to the Holy Spirit
– don’t lock God in a jar


– Jesus couldn’t do certain things in His hometown because they didn’t have that expectation of Him
– expectation is a KEY in your life; don’t lose the DREAM!
– God wants to stir up the HOPE on the inside of us
– we need to believe again that we are all in FULL TIME MINISTRY
– we are all in a position to IMPACT somebody’s life


– manifest presence of God: Him showing up in a tangible way
– greater release of Him (His power)
– we’re believing for an increase in angelic activity


– if we want to see MANIFESTATION, REVELATION… we need to PREPARE
– even when He surprises us!
– you’ve got a destiny… don’t wait for it, pursue it!
– HOW do we PREPARE?

* engage with God
* begin to ask God to awaken the DREAM
* ask Him, “What do you want me to believe for?”
* spend time in His presence (prioritize)
* ask the Lord what He will have you fast
* it’s not just about giving up something, but replacing that time with God
* ask the Lord to prepare your heart to hear what He wants you to hear

Mark 2

– When Jesus is in the HOUSE… people respond with “we have NEVER seen anything LIKE THIS!”

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