I Made the “SD Blog Watch”

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I guess it’s kind of an honor that I grossed someone out so much that I got published as a “must read”. 😉 So, for any of my new readers who want more gross news, here’s an eczema update (smile)…

I actually made it in to see a dermatologist this morning — a miracle in itself, as most of them that we called were booked up through winter or later. My self-diagnosis of dyshidrotic eczema turned out to be both the medic’s and the doc’s diagnosis, too. They gave me some kind of potent creme that is supposed to get rid of all the swelling and throbbing blister-bubbles on my fingers and told me that I need to stay away from harsh soaps, scented detergents, and hot water (in the form of long showers, washing dishes, or even hot tubs). They even went as far to say that I need to bring my own kind of mild soap along with me everywhere and that my skin would actually “like it” if I skipped a shower every once in a while. Hmmmm… the people around the office are so going to appreciate that, huh? (grin)

Anyhow, I’m thankful for a correct diagnosis now and am hopeful that this will all clear up shortly. I have definitely had a lot of prayers being lifted up on my behalf. Thank you so much!

Also, for those who are wondering about the big spot on my arm… the docs diagnosed it as another form of eczema and doubted that it was a spider bite. That, at the least, makes Deanna feel much better. 🙂

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  1. Janessa

    Yeah you must be sooo proud!

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