I Couldn’t Ask For More

Most of you who know me know that I work from home. Zion and I get a lot of hang-time / playtime in between my typing, phone calls, planning, and praying through all the daily tasks. Today, I just got off a phone call that once again reminds me that I’m a really blessed man. I’m one of those guys who absolutely loves what he gets to do for a living, and I’m so thankful!

  • My role as the Foursquare Gateway District NextGen Rep takes up most of my daily time. I blog regularly on GatewayNextGen.com, oversee our 12 summer camp programs, and work alongside a team of NextGen Area Leaders who help me disciple, care for, resource, and network NextGen leaders in our 140-ish district churches.
  • Foursquare Communications also contracts me to upload content weekly at their international web domain, Foursquare.org. I took on that role this summer, and it’s been a good fit for my work style and schedule (with the exception of summer camp season).
  • I’m also still holding onto my role as the Tech Pastor at Destiny Foursquare Church in Rapid City, SD. I served there as a NextGen pastor alongside Deanna for almost a decade. We love our church family there so much that I think it will reserve its place in our hearts as our “home church” for a long time to come.

These things, together with my awesome, wonderful family, make my life rich and full. I love that I get to…

  • Be a stay-at-home dad and support my wife’s dream to pursue her medical career- after her many years of platforming me. I’m in my third year at home with the kids and wouldn’t trade it for anything. It’s genuinely been one of the biggest surprise blessings of my life. My relationship with all of them has grown more profound than it ever has before. And even though it’s tough at times — like REALLY tough — it’s the best investment I’ll ever make. They are my treasures.
  • I’ve always loved NextGen ministry. From the time I raised my hand for the salvation call in Sunday school to the present, it has always played a significant role in my life. Being able to support and encourage others in NextGen ministry now as a part of my everyday role is like a dream come true. I absolutely and firmly believe that NextGen ministry is crucial to the life of the church and Kingdom impact. Playing a role in it in any shape or fashion is truly humbling and awe-inspiring. Nothing floors me more than to see a generation take their relationship with God to the next level — few other things are as rewarding.
  • I somehow became a computer nut early on in college. Call me what you like- a geek or a techie- but I love the impact and reach that one can have through the Internet and social media. I find it so compelling that there is a whole world out there that can be reached through the click of a button. I enjoy building and reaching an audience through the different avenues I’ve been given. So humbling.
  • And then there is music, which seems to have taken a back seat to all the other stuff more recently. I hope to remedy that, though. Music has inspired and shaped my life from very early on. To perform and write music has been one of the most tremendous privileges of my life. Leading a room full of people into worship or watching from the stage as people are jamming to your song is thrilling and humbling at the same time. Some of my favorite life memories involve music and performing. I’ve been on stage, sharing music, ever since I was a student in junior high school — and even before. It’s just another part of who I am; it reaches into my very soul and heartbeat.

To look at all that and be able to say that this is part of my life… I honestly couldn’t ask for more. My life is full. I am richly blessed.

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