Honoring Our Grads

This past Sunday night we celebrated the lives and acheivements of our graduating high school seniors. We began with a time of songs and worship. Then we brought our seniors up to some really lame beatbox fanfare music mouthed by our pastoral team (including yours truly — wishing we would have had that moment on video).

We proceeded to pray/speak over the lives of each of our students publicly. As happens every year, I was reduced to tears by about halfway through, if not earlier. It’s always a bittersweet day. One of pride in our students: seeing what God is doing in and through them always gets me pumped up! But also, it’s when the reality sinks in that we won’t be seeing some of these guys/girls around as much anymore. Nevertheless, it is our privilege to celebrate their giftings and callings. To send them out as disciples and offer our public blessing is quite an honor.

We handed out gifts from the student ministry and checks from the church. Afterwards, we celebrated with cake and punch. It sounds simple, but we find year after year that it is a very profound moment in the lives of our students.

We love you guys and we’re SO proud of you!

Facebookers view pics here; others can view pics here.

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