Hitting the Road with Youth Specialties’ Adam McLane

Next week I have the awesome opportunity to go road-tripping up the West Coast with Youth Specialties social media/tech guy, Adam McLane!  I started following Adam’s self-proclaimed life journey of being “crazy enough to change the world” shortly before he went on staff at YS.  Since then I’ve been a big fan of his posts and passion to see people’s lives challenged and changed by God — especially youth workers.  I first got to hang with McLane at the 2008 Nashville National Youth Workers Convention, where I got to do my first live blogging gig.  Shortly after I started writing and blogging for YS.  It’s been an amazing ride!

As far as the road trip goes, I am going to be meeting up with Adam in San Francisco, where we will then drive up I-5 to Seattle, Washington, for the sole purpose of meeting up with as many youth workers as we possibly can.  Along the way we’ll be capturing stories from hard-working youth workers in their local contexts and doing all we can to bless them and share in our adventure. Tune in here on the blog, on YS’ blog at http://youthspecialties.com/blog, on Facebook, and on Twitter to keep up with all the fun.

Here’s our planned route:

View YS West Coast Road Trip in a larger map

View the map via Google Maps (large scale).

Here’s some more information about our trip that Adam has posted on the YS blog:

Here’s the meet-ups that are scheduled. (Livermore CA, Foster City CA, Berkeley CA, Portland OR, Seattle WA, and Burlington WA. To make it even more fun, Tic Long will join Adam in Foster City &  Berkeley.)

What? No love for my area? This is a pilot. if you’d like us to continue hosting meet-ups, help me get a ton of people to this one!

Is this some kind of high dollar fancy thing? Absolutely not. This is youth worker-style. No hotel rooms, no steak dinners… We’re just two youth pastors in a rental car driving north and meeting fellow youth workers.


Adam just posted another trip update with a few more details on Youth Specialties’ site.  Click here for the day-to-day itinerary: http://www.youthspecialties.com/blog/off-to-san-jose.  I would covet your prayers; we really want to be led of the Spirit.

2 thoughts on “Hitting the Road with Youth Specialties’ Adam McLane

  1. adam mclane

    I think the operative word for this is, "stoked." I have no idea what kind of craziness God has laid before us. But I'm so happy you are coming along to be a part of it.

    1. Shawn_Michael

      Abundant craziness to-be-sure! ;D

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