Good Friday Fish Stick Update

I love this! The fish stick lady (see previous post) has her own blog and has mentioned us — the “elevating a generation blog” — a couple of times this week. Check it out here.

Her name is Victoria Landis and it turns out that her fish sticks sold for the amazing price of $78.77! Problem is she still hasn’t been contacted by the winning bidder. That’s too bad. I commented on Victoria’s blog and told her “…regardless, we are still praying that you get your much needed vehicle.”

I’m going to keep up with her blog and hope to hear a good report soon!

0 thoughts on “Good Friday Fish Stick Update

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  2. Victoria Landis

    Did you see our good news? We did get the fish money. It’s the “hold” money for our “new” used Mercury Villager.

  3. Shawn M.

    Praise God! So cool to hear; thanks for the update.

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