Fun With Video Announcements


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Video announcements are a fun way to communicate weekly news and happenings in your student ministry. But just like anything, they can get old and can get ignored pretty quickly if you don’t keep the content fresh. So… I’m always looking for great ideas.

Here’s a fun idea from Josh Griffin’s site that uses a computer generated voice from the Text-to-Voice service that is included on every Mac. Sweet!

If you’re just getting started with video announcements, read over these two tutorial posts on Tim Schmoyer’s here’s #1 and #2. He also shares how to create videos using a free virtual host. Fun stuff!

This last week, I decided to try and do a spoof of the ever-popular Fred Figglehorn character on YouTube (until recently, it was the #1 most subscribed YouTube channel of all time) for our weekly update. All I did was film myself being a little crazy and hyper-active in regular speed and then sped up the video / audio for the Fred-like effect. Check it out; the results are pretty hilarious!

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