Florida Family Vacation

To celebrate Deanna’s acceptance into medical school (and the group achievement of getting there together) we decided to fly everyone to not-so-sunny-while-we-were-there Orlando, Florida for a fun-packed, 6-day family vacation.

Our first day was spent driving to to spend the night at my cousin Rochelle’s house, just north of Denver.  The next morning, we flew out from Denver to Detroit.  It was the 2nd flight for all the girls but the first ones that Bella and Kella can remember (as they were too little the first times out), so flying in-and-of-itself was a fun time.  Detroit had lots of weather delays; we had to switch gates twice and ended up on the tarmac for about an hour or so.  When Kella found out that we hadn’t taken off yet, 45 minutes after getting on the plane, she exclaimed loudly, “WE’RE NOT IN THE AIR YET?!!”

Upon arrival at our condo in Kissimmee, FL, where our home for the week was located, we spent the first day exploring the lay of the land, visiting the Florida Mall (and the Disney and M&M Stores inside).  For dinner that night we feasted together at the Boston Lobster Feast.  Yummers!

Day two was our adventure at Disney World.  The day started with rain, which dampened spirits for only a short while.  Our first stop was at Epcot for the Princess Breakfast.  Many of the Disney princesses (and “friends”) stopped by our table for well-wishes.  From there we went to Hollywood Studios and finally to the Magic Kingdom by the end of the day.  The girls LOVED it, especially their visit with Prince Caspian!


The following day we slept in a bit (a full day at Disney definitely wears one out!) and then set on our way to Cocoa Beach.  Again, this was another first time experience: the ocean and the beach offered lots of fun and new experiences, including the hunt for sea shells and burying Dad in the sand.  It was kind of funny being there with our coats on!

Day four was our day at Universal Studios; the weather was the best yet, reaching up to maybe 50 degrees at the warmest part of the day.  It made for a fun day or roller coasters and 3-D/4-D attractions.  Our favorite may have been The Simpsons ride.  Wowsers!  We made sure to snap a picture with Homer after the ride, too!


And here’s some pics from the trip!

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  1. Linda

    Looks like you guys had a great time – even in the cold weather!

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